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Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New

News Update: June, 2019

At Formula Lab we are not just music lovers but motor racing enthusiasts as well. That’s why we blended motorsport elements into our product design and branding right from the start, and our original logo was a reflection of that. But as we grow our new focus is in shaping Formula Lab into a lifestyle, boutique brand, meaning unlike the “big brands”, we only do a select range of products and do them really well, with innovative features and authentic design. We believe by producing exciting products that people love, and combining that with great customer care, we can bring to the market a new brand experience that is not usually found in our industry.


Our new logo (on the right), with a much more lifestyle blend than its dynamic predecessor (on the left), is the first step in delivering our new brand promise. It’s already been introduced on our website which has also been completely re-designed with great improvements in customer care. The first product to feature the new logo will be our new DUO Truly Wireless + Wired HiFi Earphones due to be launched this September. Be sure to check it out here on our site.


With so much happening we are so excited to be part of the mobile listening technology community, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon, stay tuned!

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