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Upgrade your listening experience with Hybrid Multi-Driver Technology

Unlike conventional earphones that use a single driver to reproduce sound, A8 uses multiple drivers of different types (hybrid) to cover the full audio spectrum and beyond, delivering a superior performance no single-driver earphone can match.

  • 3-Driver Hybrid Technology: 1x Dynamic, 2x Balanced Armature (BA)

  • Dynamic driver features advanced 8µm Graphene material for distortion-free bass

  • Frequency Response: 5-40,000Hz meeting high resolution audio requirements

  • OFC Oxygen-free Cable with conference-quality microphone

  • Expandable MMCX connectors

  • Comply™ T500 Premium Tips with excellent noise isolation


Hybrid Multi-Driver TechnologY

 A Loudspeaker in an Earphone

    Hifi loudspeakers have dedicated drivers for bass, mid-range and treble. A8 uses the same principle, with one dynamic driver for bass, and two Balanced Armature (BA) drivers for mid-high frequencies. This ultra-wide bandwidth covers frequencies from 5 to 40kHz, with a sound performance meeting high resolution audio requirements.

8µm Ultra-thin Graphene Dynamic Drivers
Dual Balanced Armature (BA) High Resolution Drivers
driver x section-complete.png

8µm Ultra Thin Graphene Dynamic Driver

A8’s low frequency (dynamic) driver is made of Graphene that belongs to the carbon family and is extremely hard. It can therefore be made ultra thin - at just 8µm in fact. This low mass makes it immune to resonance, enabling fast and accurate signal response for clean and powerful sound.

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Flexible and Expandable MMCX Connectors

A8 uses industry-standard gold plated MMCX connectors that allow you to easily upgrade to low-interference Balanced cables, or go wireless with many available bluetooth adapters.

OFC Oxygen-Free Communication Cable

The included earphone cable is made of high purity, oxygen-free copper for near lossless signal transfer, while the conference-grade microphone provides single button press for crystal clear calls.

Comply™ Ear Tips

We have partnered with Comply to include two pairs of Comply™ T-500 Premium Ear Tips for class-leading noise isolation and comfort

A8 Specifications

High Frequency Drivers: Balanced Armature x2

Crossover Frequencies: 8kHz, 10kHz

Low Frequency Drivers: Graphene Dynamic x1, 10mm diameter

Frequency Response: 5Hz – 40,000kHz

Sensitivity: 100 +/-4dB/mW

Impedance: 32 Ohms at 1kHz

Cable Type: Oxygen-free Copper, 1.3m long with 3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug

Connector Type: MMCX detachable, gold-plated

Standard Accessories: Lightweight protective case x1, Silicone Eartips x3 (S/M/L), Comply™ Isolation T-500 premium ear foams x2 (S/M), Airplane Adaptor x1



Specifications are subject to change without notice

COMPLY™ is a registered trademark of Hearing Components

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